At The Stove Wizard, we provide a fantastic range of artificial coal, logs, driftwood, and so much more. These products are made from high thermal ceramic, and this means that they look great on electric and gas fires. We’ve provided these artificial products since 2009 and returning customers love our competitive pricing, high-quality items, and outstanding attention to detail. We’re incredibly proud of how authentic our products look, and this level of detail is why the products have been used in several television productions. We serve the whole of the UK, so call us and discuss your needs today.
We are a family-run business, committed to selling quality refractory ceramic fibre coals and other products. Since 2009 our company has grown, and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the last few years.
As previously mentioned, the products that we’ve created have been featured in several television productions. The biggest show that’s featured our products is Game of Thrones, produced by HBO. This is something that we’re incredibly proud of, as it is one of the biggest television programmes of the 21st century. We’ve also supplied ITV and the BBC with products, and again, we’re incredibly proud of this.