The Stove Wizard

Fire Bricks Premium Clay Material High Density Low Thermal Conductivity For Stoves Fireplaces Pizza Oven Bases Walls Firebricks Up to 1300 degree Celsius 230mm x 114mm x 25mm

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Amount of Fire Clay Bricks: 10

The Stove Wizard Firebricks Heat resistant The Stove Wizard Firebricks, crafted from high-temperature dense clay, exhibit exceptional heat resistance. These fire bricks can withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius (2400 degrees Fahrenheit). Whether you're constructing a wood-burning stove, lining a fireplace, or building a pizza oven, These are suitable for the base of a pizza oven The Stove Wizard Firebricks ensure durability and safety in extreme heat conditions. Heat Retaining The Stove Wizard Firebricks not only resist high temperatures but also excel at heat retention. Their slow heat-up and cool-down properties allow them to hold heat effectively. When you ignite your stove or oven, these firebricks absorb and store the heat, radiating it back even after the heat source has been extinguished. Whether you're baking bread or enjoying a cozy fire, The Stove Wizard Firebricks maintain consistent warmth. Low Thermal Conductivity Designed for energy efficiency, The Stove Wizard Firebricks have low thermal conductivity. Unlike ordinary masonry bricks, which transfer heat readily, these firebricks absorb heat without passing it on to surrounding materials. The result? Improved insulation and reduced energy loss. Whether you're heating your home or cooking a delicious meal, count on The Stove Wizard Firebricks to keep the warmth where it belongs. Durable Construction Manufactured using a process similar to ordinary masonry bricks, The Stove Wizard Firebricks undergo firing at higher temperatures until partial vitrification occurs. This densification makes them more resistant to abrasion, ensuring longevity and reliability. Whether you're a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, choose The Stove Wizard Firebricks for your next project. Feel free to ask if you need further details or have any other requests! 🔥🔧


If ever unsure how to apply, please contact a gas safe engineer

If you are looking for replacement gas fire coals or other ceramics such as pebbles or logs, then we would recommend taking a picture of how your coals are set out so you can position them correctly count how many there are so you can order the correct amount and matching the size as close as possible as the ones being replaced. This will ensure a similar flame visual effect on the gas fire.

All our products are suitable for gas, outside gas fire pits, electric and bio ethanol fires.


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We recommend that you should change your gas fire coals, logs pebbles at least once every 2 years or as they become discoloured and worn. Gas fire manufacturers will normally insist that you use their specific brand of coals. Despite this, thousands of homes every year use non-standard ceramics on their gas fires without any issues.



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