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Vermiculite Board

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Size: 193mm x 303mm
Thickness: 25mm

High density premium vermiculite board for use in woodburning multifuel stoves pizza ovens. We are a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of fireplace accessories and carry a large stock at all times. Beware of cheap Chinese imports. Buy cheap buy twice! After listening to our customers, we now sell 1000mm board cut into two 500 x 610mm boards for the same price as the 1000mm. Which means it’s easier to handle and cut!! So, if you bought the 2000mm board you would receive 4 x 500mm x 610mm x 25mm boards. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service please study our feedback from 1000's of satisfied customers. 


Our boards are used on the tops and sides of pizza oven grills. They should not be used as a base for pizza ovens (Can be used as a base for log burners) or for cooking food directly on. Vermiculite board is not waterproof & must not get wet. All our products are sent out in our Coals 4 You branded packaging to give you the assurance you are receiving the genuine article. 


These fireproof vermiculite boards are made from exfoliated vermiculite and special inorganic binders that provide a high level of resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock. They present no risk to health and do not contain asbestos, mineral fibres or glass. 


They are ideal for insulating wood stoves and fire- places. This is an extremely innovative product for the flue sector and, thanks to its considerable properties, it offers notable advantages such as sufficient rigidity and mechanical stability, resistance to high temperatures, electrical resistance and low thermal conductivity. The vermiculite boards are simple and rapid to apply they can be easily cut, drilled, punched, sanded and screwed. 



Iron metallurgy industry, car industry, building work, ovens, boilers, stoves, direct vent fireplaces, fireplaces, smoke flues and inside of majolica stoves, industrial insulation, blast furnaces, boiling water containers, insulation of flues. 


If ever unsure how to apply, please contact a gas safe engineer

If you are looking for replacement gas fire coals or other ceramics such as pebbles or logs, then we would recommend taking a picture of how your coals are set out so you can position them correctly count how many there are so you can order the correct amount and matching the size as close as possible as the ones being replaced. This will ensure a similar flame visual effect on the gas fire.

All our products are suitable for gas, outside gas fire pits, electric and bio ethanol fires.


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We recommend that you should change your gas fire coals, logs pebbles at least once every 2 years or as they become discoloured and worn. Gas fire manufacturers will normally insist that you use their specific brand of coals. Despite this, thousands of homes every year use non-standard ceramics on their gas fires without any issues.



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